14 Things You Might Want to Know about Uploud Audio and UA1 Speaker

Hooray people like you! People who take the time to find the best alternative. People who get excited trying new things. Growing chilis or herbs. Enjoying craft beer, fine whiskey, wine or vinyl records. Massaging your cup of coffee or interiors until it’s perfect. Cooking stuff you’ve never tried before. Seeking Speakers that are like the Goldielocks’ porridge, just right. Uploud Audio UA1 from Helsinki is the speaker for you guys. For your life. For your stereo set, TV, multi room system or home cinema. For your café, boutique, restaurant or office.

1. Functionalist design

Design isn’t just rounding the corners. UA1 designed by the founders Tuukka Kingelin & Lassi Laitinen dresses in cozy Speakerwear that hides an acoustically functionalist speaker. Closed enclosure has no parallel surfaces. It’s stuffed full of damping wool with brute force. Front panel has a supporting structure making sure it doesn’t vibrate. Internal resonances are held to minimum.


2. Awesome Sound with Norwegian-made Seas’ coaxial

UA1’s speaker driver is proper hifi-grade stuff, SEAS’ Prestige series coaxial made in Norway.

Coaxial driver has treble part at the bottom of the bass driver. They share the same center point. This is why bass and treble are always playing in perfect sync.

It also allows for very wide placement. Coaxial we mean. You can still enjoy full but sharp stereo image. Even better than that, speaker can be placed in many orientations that traditional speakers simply can’t handle.


3. UA1 works best close to a wall

UA1 has been designed for Nordic homes, not chambers without echo. Sometimes placing a speaker on a speaker stand in the middle of the floor doesn’t feel very smart. Because it isn’t. Bass radiates to every direction and we took the bass boost provided by walls into account in UA1’s design. This is why the sound is bigger than the petite enclosure (depth 5 – 14 cm, height 29 cm, front panel 30 x 30 cm) lets you expect. The speaker sounds best when hung on awall or placed in proximity of wall. UA1 plays bass starting from 40 hz (depending on the space).


4. Sweet spot and wide listening area

Uploud Audio UA1 fills the space beautifully with sound. The sweet spot is way larger compared to studio monitor loudspeakers.

“First thing to note is that UA1 can be listened as well in the sweet spot in the living room sofa as well as around the corner in the kitchen. The tone of sound doesn’t change practically at all when moving from the traditional sweet spot in the living room to elsewhere in the apartment. Exceptionally healthy way to approach great sound, points to Uploud Audio” – Finnish hifi master Samu Saurama in his Audiovideo.fi -review.


5. Dress UA1 for your space

Uploud Audios are dressed in acoustically transparent Speakerwear. We chose the fabric after measuring acoustical properties of hundreds. Speakerwear fits like a glove and feels cozy & fuzzy when touched Speakerwear are sewn in Seinäjoki, Finland.


6. UA1 is at home also in mancaves

As a speaker from a republic, Uploud Audio UA1 won’t be caught off guard like the naked emperor. Undressed the speaker is thoroughly massaged and the surfaces & details can handle closer inspection.


7. The easiest on-wall installation

Hang UA1 on your wall with one screw. Direct the speakers towards the centre or downwards. The trebles make the sweet spot in the middle. Because bass and treble share the same centre point, UA1 sounds fab in every orientation.


8. Works great in a home cinema

Pair of UA1s can be smoothly expanded to home cinema. Home cinema set can be spread out to smaller units, stereo pairs and the like.


9. UA1 will find its place

UA1 can be hung also higher up on the wall and direct the speaker downwards. Back channels in home cinemas, fully decorated walls or high spaces are no problem. No need to design the space with specific requirement of speakes.


10. Get more out of UA1 with hifi gear

UA1 works exceptionally well with Lyngdorf TDAI-2170. When you get better amp, you will hear it. Like you should with a proper speaker.  PS Audio Sprout is a great one as well. We can help with speaker placement and design of your system whether you’re improving the sounde at home, boutique, café or office.


11. No secrets

You’re a welcome guest at our Boutique Factory in Helsinki’s design district. Come and listen some tunes, get familiar with our production or talk shit with us. We’re at Tarkk’ampujankatu 12. Let us know when you’re coming.


12. Made in Helsinki

We’re proud to be part of the movement bringing manufacturing back to Europe.

Get UA1 speakers made in Helsinki. Support a young startup.

13. UA1 is an old school speaker with 5 year warranty

Plug UA1 into any amp. Enjoy. There’s no aging technology inside. Your speaker won’t be obsolete in 2019. Or 2039.


14. Check out some of our clients in and around Helsinki.

15. Talk directly with the manufacturer (that’s us!)

UA1 in Red Speakerwear with Baltic cable

Order your UA1 speakers directly from our webstore right here. Or by contacting Lassi ( lassi at uploudaudio dot com / it’s up and loud, please don’t bother the nice folks at uploAdaudio and send the email directly to lassi at uploUdaudio). We don’t have international shipping rates set yet to on our site, but shipping a pair of UA1 speakers to northern Europe will set you back around 15 euros, 20 euros to central europe and 25 to the southern parts of the continent. Please ask a shipping quote from Lassi.