Speakerwear for UA1


Speakerwear is a piece of clothing for your  UA1

Dress UA1s to suit your interiors. Make UA1′s stick out with bright colours or fade them to background with shades of grey  to match your decor. Change Speakerwear later and fall in love with your speakers again.

Speakerwear fits right. Uploud Audio UA1 is a crooked piece of work for fabrics. Speakerwear fits UA1 like a second skin thanks to our dressmaker Riitta Mäki-Jouppi. Her 30 years of experience has been invaluable for us.

From tech to home decor. Uploud Audio’s Speakerwear looks and feels like Nordic home textiles and furniture. Pantyhoses traditionally used for speakers are but a distant memory.


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Speakerwear and Sound

Strict requirements for fabrics. When combining fabrics with loudspeakers and sound it’s not enough for a fabric to just look good. It also has be transparent for the sound and opaque for the eye.

Uploud Audio UA1 Speakerwear Detail

Uploud Audio UA1 Speakerwear Detail / Just Grey

We blew into 100’s of fabrics, until we found the right one. In our blow test you take the fabric and stretch it in front of your mouth and blow air through it. If the fabric doesn’t resist airflow too much, it might be worth to take it to closer examination. We measured tens of fabrics with precision microphones and frequency sweeps both outdoors and in speakers’ natural spaces.

Speakerwear Material and Fit / Lilywhite

Speakerwear Material and Fit / Lilywhite

Speakerwear is acoustically transparent. The differences in sound with and without Speakerwear are near impossible to hear. Speakerwear dampens the sound 1-2 dB on the higher frequencies. Below UA1’s frequency range measured with speakers on a wall in acoustially normal space.

Uploud Audio UA1 - Frequency Range
Uploud Audio UA1 —  Frequency Range

Fireproof and recycled. Our fabrics are 100 % recycled polyester and designed originally for office use. Thus the material is extremely durable and fireproof (ASTM E84 Class 1 or A).

Speakerwear are sewn by Riitta Mäki-Jouppi in Seinäjoki, Finland. The fabrics are U.S. manufactured 100% recycled polyester.

Riitta Mäki-Jouppi sews Uploud Audio's Speakerwear in Seinäjoki Finland

Riitta sewing Speakerwear at her Seinäjoki shop


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Vanilla, Just Grey, Sky Grey, Hoodie Grey, Country Fields, Chocolate, Sunshine, Ultraviolet, Red, Plum Blue, Jean Blue, Wild Raspberry, Baltic Sea 2050, Sandstorm, Peppermint