PS Audio Sprout


Sprout is an elegant amplifier with classic design. It is tiny in size but is loaded with power and goodies.

What makes Sprout so unique is the way it combines analog feel and cutting edge digital technology. You can connect Sprout directly to your turntable for some of that black magic of vinyl. If you feel like skipping the rituals, just stream your tunes to it over Bluetooth.

What we also love about Sprout is that it works so beautifully together with our UA1 loudspeaker. The amplifier boosts bass response of UA1 just the right amount and makes it sound full-bodied and smooth. If you enjoy listening to headphones too, Sprout is going to raise your cans to a whole new level with its discrete headphone amp section.

This little amplifier has no remote control, no blinking lights and no extra gimmicks. Instead it has the ability to bring music to life and smile to people´s face.


How many?

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PS Audio Sprout – exclusively from Uploud Audio

Sprout is a perfect companion for UA1s, and for that matter, you get it from nowhere else in Finland. Come to our shop and experience the joys of this engineering marvel. You can of course pair Sprout with any speaker, but we don´t recommend it for ones with already heavy bass.

Key Features

Power rating 32 Watts per channel @8 Ohms
50 Watts per channel @ 4 ohms
Headphone amplifier separate amplifier circuit, up to 1000mW @ 16 Ohms
Volume control type audiophile-grade stepped attenuator
Bluetooth version 4.0 with lossless APTX protocol (=best BT sound)
DAC (used by all digital inputs) Wolfson 192 kHz
Speaker connectivity binding posts: bare wire or banana plugs
SPDIF digital input, RCA connector 1
USB, type B for computer audio 1
Phono input for MM cartridges, RCA 1
Analog Input, 3,5mm stereo miniplug 1
Sub / Pre output, 3,5mm stereo miniplug 1
Physical Dimensions (W x H x D) 152 x 203 x 44 mm
Remote Control  – (It cannot disappear between sofa pillows, either…)


What others have said about it?

In case you have trust issues with salesmen pitching stuff to you, have a read at these reviews on PS Audio Sprout. In general, folks love Sprout even without experiencing the wonderful synergy between it and our UA1s. 4,69 / ***** Price Performance Ratio 5/5