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Marantz Melody Media MCR-611

The Melody series of Marantz has two multitasker amplifiers which have striking similarities Ceol series of Denon. This is not surprising as the two brands are both owned by the same company. On the surface the Melody Media looks pretty much like Ceol in a different chassis. However, on the inside the Marantz has some tricks in its sleeve which justify the bigger price tag and its place in our portfolio.

Perhaps the most useful feature of MCR-611 is the second pair of speaker outputs with separate volume control and on/off button. This means you can eg. have pairs of speakers in living room and bedroom. You can choose to play music from one or the other or both simultaneously.

The other major feature is much better subwoofer integration. This is done with adjustable high-pass filter (HPF) which cuts the lowest bass frequencies from main speakers when using a subwoofer. The gives a reduces excessive overlapping in bass frequencies and allows your main speakers to play much louder.

Third major advantage is the Pre-amplifier outputs which obey the master volume control. This means you can add a pair of active speakers to the mix or get deep into serious bass with two subwoofers. Third music zone with passive speakers and separate power amp is also a feasible option.

Melody Media is loaded with networking: Airplay, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth + NFC and NAS-servers are all supported. Network connection can be either via Ethernet or Wifi.

MCR-611 utilizes modern Class-D amplifier design, which produces clean and accurate sound. It produces less heat than traditional class A/B amps which means less electricity wasted. Power output is similar to Denon Ceol (60W @ 4 ohm) which sounds pretty darn loud if in doubt.

Marantz Melody Media is available in glossy black and glossy black-applewhite.

Key Features

Power rating 60 Watts per channel @ 4 ohms
Speaker Connectivity 2 pairs of binding posts for A / B speakers
(individual volume control available for both zones)
Pre-Amp out, stereo RCA 1 (active speakers, stereo subwoofers or zone 3)
Subwoofer output, mono RCA 1
HPF for main speakers five options (flat, 40, 60, 80 and 100 Hz with 12dB/oct filtering)
Headphone output, 3,5mm 1
Analog input, stereo RCA 1
Toshlink digital input 2
USB type A 2 (for mobile device playback & charging, external memory devices)
Network connectivity Ethernet, WLAN
Bluetooth v 4.0 with NFC pairing
Network features Airplay, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, vTuner, NAS devices, DLNA v1.5 support
 CD-player CD / CD-R/RW / WMA / MP3
 Radio Tuner FM, AM, DAB, DAB+
Physical Dimensions (W x D x H) 292 x 305 x 111 mm
Remote Control 1 (type RC-RC013CR) or via Marantz Hifi Remote App

Additional Information

Amp Colour

Black-Applewhite, Black