Fabric Speaker Cables


Everything has a cable. So do your Uploud Audio UA1s’ or some other speakers. As well as every single one of the many “wireless” gadgets.

So why not have a nice one. Pick a right color and enjoy your UA1s.

!HUOM!  You most likely don’t want  cables hanging diagonally when installing Uploud Audio UA1s on the wall. Always let the cable drop straight down and route it to the amplifier on the floor. So make sure you don’t choose too short ones.

Pricing goes as follows: 6,5 €/m + 2€ detailing per cable. Please mention in the comment field if you wish us to add banana plugs to the cable.

If you can’t hide it, emphasize it. 

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Polka, Red, Snow, Badger, Nero, Yellow, Malbec, Baltic, PINK, Autostrada


1 Meters, 2 Meters, 3 Meters, 4 Meters, 5 Meters, 6 Meters, 7 Meters, 8 Meters, 9 Meters, 10 Meters, 11 Meters, 12 Meters, 13 Meters, 14 Meters, 15 Meters, 16 Meters, 17 Meters, 18 Meters, 19 Meters, 20 Meters, 21 Meters, 22 Meters, 23 Meters, 24 Meters, 25 Meters, 26 Meters, 27 Meters, 28 Meters, 29 Meters, 30 Meters,

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