Denon PMA-50


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Denon PMA-50

Being roughly the size of Ceol Piccolo, that is pretty much as far the similarities go with its sibling. PMA-50 is a very puristic, stripped down hifi amplifier with cutting edge digital technology. Learning curve is a bliss as there are only three buttons and one big volume knob. Just connect speakers and power up.

PMA-50 has no direct streaming with internet services but has very capable Bluetooth connectivity. It performs reliably even through thick concrete walls.

Although PMA-50 has an analog input too, you´ll really hear what it´s capable of when you connect it digitally. The very best sound is achieved through the asynchronous USB connection, which provides a dramatic sonic upgrade for your laptop. The amplifier is capable of handling even the most sophisticated high resolution recordings available.

With our UA1 loudspeakers the amp is able to push out 30 watts of power with minimal distortion. It´s more than enough for most uses; your neighbor will become restless way before you hit the limits. The sound is very natural and neutral in character, rhythmic and enjoyable. The power amp section is based on Class-D technology, which produces very little heat. In addition to being basically distortion-free, the amp is dead silent: even if you crank the volume to maximum you won´t hear any humming or buzzing from your speakers. This means that the circuitry is very well designed and built.

If you wish to use physical media with PMA-50, we can provide you with matching super smooth CD-player DCD-50. If vinyl is your thing, just plug a phono pre-amp box between your turntable and PMA-50 to enjoy delights of true analog sound.

Key Features

Power rating 30 Watts per channel @8 Ohms
50 Watts per channel @ 4 ohms
Headphone amplifier separate amplifier circuit with impedance matching
Sound adjustments bass, treble, balance, source direct mode
Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec, NFC-pairing available
Toshlink digital input 2
SPDIF digital input, RCA 1
Analog input, RCA 1
USB, type B for computer audio 1, 192kHz/24-bit & DSD hi-rez capable
Speaker connectivity 2 x binding posts: bare wire or banana plugs
Subwoofer output, RCA mono 1
Goodies & nice to have Denon AL32 upsampling technology, vertical installation
Physical Dimensions (W x D x H) 200 x 240 x 86 mm
Remote Control very tiny and simple, don´t lose it 😉