Anthem MRX-310


Can´t choose between high-quality music setup and home theater? With Anthem AV-receivers you get both excellent stereo and immersive surround sound experience. Anthem is a renowned US based amplifier manufacturer which focuses on sound quality and video processing instead of having every imaginable letter abbreviation on the package. Anthem has developed one of the most advanced room correction systems available, ARC M1, included in all of their MRX series AV-receivers. It makes an astounding difference to the sound quality by ironing out reverberation errors from the signal.

MRX-310 is a five-channel home theater amplifier especially suitable for a bit smaller spaces, in which it is not feasible to build setup with seven speakers. It is worth considering to build even a 2.1 setup with MRX-310 as you need to search long and hard to find equal room correction and amplification performance from old-skool stereo equipment.

Anthem doesn´t have any built in streaming or network services in their device. FM radio doesn´t count as one of them… Instead you can connect devices of your choice to do the streaming far better than any built in service can.

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