New Speakerwear Collection 15/16 Winter Garden — Talvipuutarha out now!

Speakerwear collection 15/16 Winter Garden — Talvipuutarha is out now. Only for Uploud Audio UA1.

UA1 Winter Garden - Talvipuutarha Speakerwear Collection

The colors are Wild Raspberry, Sandstorm, Peppermint and Baltic Sea 2050.

We picked the colors for Winter Garden to brighten the darker months in collaboration with up and coming interior architect Anni Pitkäjärvi


Here’s what our co-founder Lassi Laitinen says about the colours:

UA1 in Wild Raspberry - Villivadelma Speakerwear

”There’s nothing better than waking up in a lakeside cottage on a beautiful summer day and going to pick up Wild Raspberries before breakfast.

UA1 in Peppermint - Piparminttu Speakerwear

”Gotta love mint in mojitos, chewing gum and tea.”

UA1 in Sandstorm Speakerwear

”Sandstorm is a homage to Finnish cultural exports.”

UA1 in Baltic Sea - Itämeri 2050 Speakerwear

“Baltic Sea 2050 is a dream. Turquoise is often associated with the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, but there’s still hope for our own Baltic Sea. It’s not completely ruined. Check out Jukka Nurminen’s photos.”

Speakerwear is changeable piece of clothing for Uploud Audio’s UA1 speakers.

The material is 100 % post consumer waste polyester. Because of the cozy look and feel of the fabric it’s often mistaken for linen and wool. 

The fabric is fire safe and can be used in public spaces.

Order UA1 speakers in Winter Garden Speakerwear from here.

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