105 vs. 92 / Rainbow Friday / Sateenkaariperjantai

Today the Parliament of Finland approved the law for equal marriage by voting 105 for and 92 against. The law allows same sex marriage. Love wins. While the U.S. spends it on Black Friday sales, Finland celebrates the Rainbow Friday. Here’s how Reuters reported it.

Here are four Rainbows from my life.

1. Over The Rainbow

We sang this in elementary school. Loved it then. Found it again im high school thanks to punk rock all stars Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Haven’t seen the entire Wizard of Oz yet. Shame on me. Is it the one with that amazing aerial shot of a pack of four-wheeled robots with wheels also in hands sprinting into the woods? Mom or sis always had the VHS.

Here’s the definitive Spotify playlist of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes with both punk and original versions of the songs.

2. Rainbow Islands (AMIGA)

Kinda sequel to Bubble Bobble. Fight enemies with rainbows. Two player co-op. Amazing game. We played this a lot in elementary school. Maybe not as great as Bubble Bobble but still.

Theme song’s a bit like Over the Rainbow.

3. Section 9 (Light & Day/Reach for the Sun) / Puff, the Magic Dragon

Another elementary school favorite turned into an amazing pop song. Few minutes ago wasn’t aware the Polyphonic Spree is still recording. Gotta check the new stuff out. Quality dipped a bit already from the early 2000s debut to the sophomore effort but you never know.

4. Pace

Pace Flag in Zaragoza

Almost 10 years back when my mom was turning 50 she invited the whole extended family and some close friends to an amazing villa in Tuscany. Which was nice. During that trip we saw a lot of Pace (=Peace) flags. Especially in larger cities. My sister and I both bought one. I’ve lost mine. Don’t know if she still has hers.

Read about Italian anti-war movement in the early 2000s in Italian here.

If you’re missing a pair of speakers, get them from us — If you’re missing love, don’t deny it from others.

(online / TOKYO’s Christmas Sales, Helsinki)

— Lassi

Lassi Laitinen is the co-founder of Uploud Audio. He’s mostly CEOing, creating and shoveling.

P.S. Special shoutout to the one and only “Hetero-friendly gay agency”, Bob Helsinki! Enjoy Eurobest! Couldn’t find a picture of THAT shirt though.

Rainbow shot (cc) by Antti T. Nissinen and Pace shot (cc) by juanedc

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